At Steelray Software, we help our customers see their data more clearly. Those customers include Nike, IBM, Deloitte, HP, and virtually every large defense contractor in the USA. We’re a talented team of software professionals who build really cool software that helps our customers view, analyze, and understand their data.

A History of Project Management Innovation

Steelray Software was founded in 2000 with a focus on project schedule visualization and analysis. Steelray Project Viewer was released in 2003 as the world's first desktop project viewer. Steelray Project Analyzer was launched at the beginning of 2007 to empower Project Managers to create more accurate schedules faster. Analyzer runs a number of checks and tests on the schedule and identifies potential problems and areas that should be investigated. It helps the Project Manager to produce higher quality (truer) schedules. In 2013, we launched Javelin, state-of-the-art software that provides integrated viewing and analysis of consolidated project cost and schedule data.

Project Management Solutions based in Atlanta

Steelray Software is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We are a privately held company, profitable, entirely self-funded and self-sustaining. We're continuously working on improving our products, our company, and ourselves.

World Class Project Management Support

Steelray is a customer driven organization. We take great pride in offering solutions that improve the performance of your organization and every project you manage. Our goal is to provide the key pieces of information that you need to be successful while saving your company money. Talk to a Steelray project management specialist today, or download a free trial of Project Viewer, Project Analyzer, Javelin, or any of our other products now.

What our clients are saying about us!

Client Testimonials

"Not Many Products Impress Me But Yours Genuinely Did"

Barrie Yeomans Ashleigh Signs Ltd.

We downloaded to deal with a specific document received yesterday. I am pleased to report that the file in question was opened without any problems, reviewed and successfully printed to our A0 plotter by your software.

I might also add that yours was not the first product we tried. That was ******, but after download problems and then a 'dll' failure on install, we gave up and went for the next in line. I'm real glad we did, Steelray looks like one of those tools that just works, which is what you want in I.T.

I am an I.T. Manager who's been in the business since transistors came in wardrobes. Not many products impress me but your's genuinely did.

"As Easy an Experience as I've Ever Had in Ordering Software Online"

David Smith [Program Scheduling Manager] Northrop Grumman Corp.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the support I've received in ordering a copy of your Steelray Project Analyzer software. Your account representative provided accurate assistance in navigating through your website and ordering an online copy of the Software. His patience and professionalism was exemplary and made the purchase as easy an experience as I've ever had in ordering software online. Thank you for a quality product and the quality personnel you employ

Signed . . . one very satisfied customer,

"Saved a Ton of Money"

Theodore Palm Comcast Cable

If customers are looking for an alternative cost saving application, Steelray is it. Steelray was cheaper to purchase, and we saved a ton of money. Thanks for such a great product.

"One of The Best Software Investments I've Made"

Jeffrey Solliday-McRoy GE Healthcare

Steelray is brilliant. I've one of the best software investments I've made. I work on an Apple PowerBook and if it was not for Steelray Project Viewer I wouldn't have a good option for looking at MS Project files. Steelray Project Viewer is a brilliant bit of software!

"Allows Me to Stay In Closer Contact With My Customer"

Tim Murray Cisco Systems

My customer uses Project extensively. They send me regular updates to their Project files and Steelray gives me a way to view them and occasionally print them. I stay in closer contact with my customer project status.

"Using Steelray is a Breeze!"

Ron Pitcher [Chief Operating Officer] The Proteus Leadership Centre

I have installed the program, and it works brilliantly! I'll be telling a number of business colleagues about your product. I tried a few other products yesterday in both Mac and Windows environments; Steelray was easily the best! Really good to be able to alter print scaling to get a huge color Gantt chart onto 9 landscape pages (still readable!) instead of 84 - especially when you need 20 copies. The whole process is seamless and so user-friendly that using Steelray is a breeze!

"Fits Many Users Needs at a Fraction of the Cost"

Jerry Wessel Shepherd Chemical

I would recommend Steelray Project Viewer because it will fit many users needs at a fraction of the cost of a Microsoft Project Server CAL. The program installs easily and allows you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need.

"Easy to Use . . . Increased Productivity"

Rand Blanks Geico

Steelray is a very compact and functional viewer. It is a great economical solution to viewing Microsoft Project files and easy to use as well. It saved my section money and increased productivity a small amount as it is more efficient at viewing files.


Steelray products may be purchased directly, or from the reseller of your choice. If you prefer to order Steelray products through a reseller, we work with every major reseller worldwide, including the companies above.

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