Integrated project cost and schedule data

Identify problems early, ensure cost/schedule integration and management by exception.

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Javelin helps visualization cost and schedule data



Manage your projects with confidence by providing visualization and analysis of consolidated cost and schedule data

Steelray Javelin is an innovative software product that provides integrated viewing and analysis of consolidated project cost and schedule data. The power lies in the comparison and reconciliation of the two sets of data – ensuring cost/schedule integration.

Cost/Schedule Integration

By integrating cost and schedule data you can see what schedule activities are driving cost issues with one mouse click.

Data Integrity

Cost/schedule integration issue analysis is automated, providing explanations of data quality issues so you can easily fix them.


Javelin integrates cost and schedule data by utilizing the UN/CEFACT XML standard data schema. This format has been standardized for the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR).


It’s not enough just knowing you have a cost element that is performing poorly. With our one click drill down capability you can quickly see the schedule activities – and vice versa.

Critical Path Analysis

Utilize the SuperGantt to navigate through the schedule, filtering to critical path activities, late activities and many others.

Trend Analysis

It critical to know how WBS elements are trending and we put that information right in front of you with our Galaxy Chart view and charts.

Galaxy Chart

Visualization of key program indicators, trends, size of program impact and threshold color coding – all in one view.


Program performance, trending, independent forecasting are just some of the out of the box charts - Viewable at any level of the WBS.

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