A Look Around

We are constantly improving Steelray Project Analyzer, adding functionality and enhancing the user interface. We'd like to point out some of the new features in this version.


In the next few sections we'll go over the high level changes and features that are now available in this version. Each heading can be read individually, but we highly recommend you read over the entire topic.


Enhanced Help Ticket Support

Previous versions of Steelray Project Analyzer displayed detailed information to the user when an error was encountered. With this release, the error message is succinct and user-friendly. With the click of a button, the user can send detailed diagnostic information, not including any identifying details, to Steelray Support. If the user is online when the error occurs, the diagnostic information is compressed and shared with Steelray via Dropbox automatically. If the user is not online, the diagnostic information is compressed and then the user is provided with a link to share the file with Steelray via Dropbox when they are online. The diagnostic information is only visible to Steelray and will not be shared with any third party. Steelray prioritizes timely response to our customers and this new feature will help us to be even more responsive.

Cleaner Design

We felt it was time for an update to some of the visual elements in Steelray. Without making radical changes, we cleaned up a number of controls and layouts, giving them a flatter, more solid and consistent look. We removed some of the "always on" buttons, making them appear only when the cursor is hovering in the area.

Improved Usability

While we feel that Analyzer is one of the easiest-to-use applications in its space, there is always room for improvement. We made several features more "discoverable" and provided faster ways to execute common workflows. For example, the iconic purple Analyzer button will now briefly flash when it's ready to go.

Better Search

One of the more frequent requests we receive is to improve searching, and the latest version of Analyzer delivers. As you type each character in the item you're searching for, the outline structure will automatically expand and collapse to show you every matched item.

Lists of items are now alphabetized where it makes sense, for faster selections.

Restyled Scorecard

Our flagship report (the Scorecard) was redesigned to remove all elements that cluttered the display of your results. Buttons for the coach and the highlighter will appear on-demand when you hover over a criteria in the results.

Cool new shortcut: when you want to modify a specific criteria, simply click on its name in the scorecard, and it will be loaded in the Criteria Manager for you.

Improved Filter Builder

We've done a lot of work on SPA's built-in Filter Builder to make it even more powerful. We've added new operators like GreaterThanOrEqualTo, LessThanOrEqualTo, StartsWith, and EndsWith. We're supporting wildcard characters and regular expressions for extremely powerful pattern matching. We've added a lot more flexibility with WBS Code comparisons.

Help for the Beginner

When Analyzer starts up, you'll see a new gallery of tutorial videos to help you learn how to use Analyzer. We'll be introducing new features via this gallery in the future.