Steelray Project Exporter

Steelray Project Exporter is an inexpensive (free) way to export a file in Microsoft Project (2007 and newer) to Format 6 of the UN/CEFACT XML standard used in an IPMR (DI-MGMT-81861). Options are offered to provide some of the data that is contained in the UN/CEFACT standard but do not exist in Microsoft Project. The exporter is free to use and comes with three months of free technical support. Steelray offers maintenance plans for ongoing technical support of the product.

About Maintenance

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Steelray Project Exporter is free to use. We offer optional maintenance plans for users and organizations who wish to receive technical support.

Currently, Steelray Project Exporter comes with three free months of maintenance that begins when you download the product.

News and Updates

Jan 23, 2014

Steelray Project Exporter (SPX) v1.4.7.2

The following are changes for SPX version
Added a new combo box under the Miscellaneous tab in Task Configuration for Assessed % Complete.
Fixed an issue where the “Check For Updates” functionality wasn’t working.

Dec 19, 2013

NEW Steelray Project Exporter (SPX) v1.4.6.0 release

The following are changes for SPX version
Added calendar support.

Oct 14, 2013

Steelray Project Exporter (SPX) v1.4.5.0

The following are changes for SPX version

Minor changes to meet DEI Standards:

  • Limited number of characters of Name field to 60 for Project Schedule Tasks.
  • Removed duplicated RequiredProjectResource ID.
  • Modified UserDefinedProject notes to DEI Standard
  • Added ProjectNote element to identify exporter version used on xml file.

Fix for case when project name and folder cannot be found.

Modified error messages.

Jul 30, 2013

Javelin is Here!

We are proud to announce the first release our latest product:  Steelray Javelin.

What is Javelin?

Javelin is desktop software that provides the state of the art in project schedule visualization and analysis. In Javelin, the viewer, the analyzer, and the reporter are all one and the same. Javelin’s main focus is to provide a simple way to view and understand the “ground truth” in large project data sets.

How is Javelin Different?

While some software applications provide cost analysis, and others provide schedule analysis, Javelin provides a true integrated analysis (merged cost and schedule). Javelin’s power lies in the the comparison and reconciliation of the two sets into one analysis.


May 30, 2013

Check out our new look in v3.4!

Summary of Changes (because we’re more than just a pretty face!)

  • New Feature - Criteria Category Manager Editor
    • Quickly add or remove criteria from categories.
    • Create your own categories
  • Added support for Remaining Duration field in Primavera P6
  • Allowed analysis even when resource name is blank.
  • Fixed a problem in overall score when the scorecard consisted entirely of compliant/non-compliant scores


Nov 09, 2012

Steelray Project Exporter is now available!

Steelray Project Exporter is a free add-in for Microsoft Project that exports schedules to UN/CEFACT xml.

New features in

  • The Task Fields Tab.  On this tab, you can export previously un-exported fields like OBS, IMP, and EVM code, that have no corresponding field in Project.  For any of these UN/CEFACT elements that you want to export, simply choose from the drop-down which custom field the Exporter should map to that element.
  • Automatic Update Notifications.  If you register for maintenance (the Exporter currently comes with three free months of maintenance), the Exporter will notify you when a new version of the software is available, and give you a direct download link.

Click here to download Steelray Project Exporter

Jun 26, 2012

Steelray Project Analyzer v3.1 is now available!

This release contains Steelray’s implementation of the GAO Checks Report!

We have integrated the DCMA 14 Point Assessment, Schedule Comparison tool, Longest Path tool, and Circular Dependency tool as standard reports.  Simply right click on the Reports items and select your desired report.

Videos and Tutorials.  Watch major features of Steelray Project Analyzer demonstrated in short videos to quickly become productive with the product.  Videos include using the Scorecard, DCMA 14 Point Assessment and Schedule Compare.

In addition to these major features, we also added some smaller maintenance items.

  • Much improved performance on schedules with large numbers of resources.
  • Faster filtering in Microsoft Project
  • Added Status Date support for SPA filters
  • Improved aesthetics for Project Server and Excel Analyzer Scorecard
  • No grade criteria no longer impacts overall score.
  • Support for Oracle Primavera v6 r8.2
  • Integration with Steelray Project Viewer for UN/CEFACT
  • Support for inline schemas in the UN/CEFACT validator

Download the latest release on the SPA Download Page.

    May 02, 2012

    UN/CEFACT Exporter Version 1.1.1

    Version 1.1.1 of the UN/CEFACT exporter is now available.  Fixed a bug where the exporter emits an “export successful” message, but doesn’t write an output file.