Steelray Coach

Steelray Project Analyzer has shown you all of the areas of your project schedule that have issues and need attention. So now what?

enter the coach

The Steelray Coach will show you what is wrong with your schedule, why it’s wrong and how to fix it. It all happens through three intuitive tabs on the Steelray Project Analyzer Display.

what is this?

Issues identified by Analyzer are highlighted in red. When you click on an issue, the “What is this?” tab will explain the issue and the function of the scheduling component identified as incorrect. The system also provides definitions of specific terminology to minimize confusion.

what do I do next?

This tab provides step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue at hand. In certain cases, the system will tell you what to watch to prevent future issues.


If you would like to see our methodology, this tab will show you the actual formula used in calculating and identifying the issue.

It really is that simple. The Steelray Coach is a trusted advisor that flags possible issues and gives you options to resolve problems in the fastest, most efficient means possible.

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