Project Analyzer Helps!

Steelray® Project Analyzer helps you to be a better project manager, with advantages that are simple to define. With this robust technology, you can:
  • Uncover Problems
    Use Analyzer to discover the problems that might otherwise be hidden in your schedule—before anyone else does. When you have the confidence of knowing that your schedule is perfect, you can share it openly across your organization.

  • Save Time
    A report that would take hours to perform manually can be created in seconds with Analyzer.

  • Build Consistency
    Project Analyzer delivers a common set of criteria that is easy to share to ensure enterprise-wide standardization of project schedule quality. A higher quality project schedule contributes to more reliable risk analysis and earned value tracking.

  • Enhance Visibility
    Clean, easy-to-read reports assist managers and executives with auditing and compliance responsibilities. Direct links to tasks that require attention enable immediate improvements in the schedule.

  • Fix Problems
    Steelray Coach provides guidance and support on how to resolve potential issues. Three simple tabs explain what the issues are, how to resolve them, and the formula used in arriving at this conclusion.


Review our FAQs or contact a Steelray representative for answers to any questions you may have.

Project Analyzer helps your organization maintain federal compliance through:

  • Assistance with Readiness for Reviews
  • Assistance with ANSI-748A compliance
  • EVM System Surveillance
  • Support for DCMA Secondary Tripwires
  • Analysis required to support reviews such as IBR and JSR
  • Assessment of the quality of a schedule
  • Assessment of project performance
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Probability assessments

A 14-Point Assessment based on DCMA’s formulas is part of Analyzer’s four built-in analysis tools. The 14-Point Assessment automatically calculates 12 of DCMA's 14 metrics, providing you with detailed, clear results. Built-in mini-applications deliver even more analysis capabilities. Save time ahead of a DCMA audit with a tool that’s equally useful across all industries.

Check schedule quality and performance in a few minutes or less less and gain step-by-step guidance on how to correct issues. Project Analyzer’s automated process is far more reliable than tedious manual processes or home-grown programs. The technology is fully compatible with Microsoft Project 2010. Download and install it here.

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