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Steelray Project Exporter is an inexpensive (free) way to export a file in Microsoft Project to Format 6 of the UN/CEFACT XML standard. This standard format is used in the IPMR (DI-MGMT-81861) and has been required by PARCA. Options are offered to provide some of the data that is contained in the UN/CEFACT standard but does not exist in Microsoft Project. The exporter is free to use and comes with three months of free technical support. Steelray offers maintenance plans for ongoing technical support of the product. Exporter works with Microsoft Project 2007 and newer.


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Steelray Project Exporter is free to use. We offer optional maintenance plans for users and organizations who wish to receive technical support. Currently, Steelray Project Exporter comes with three free months of maintenance that begins when you download the product.


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